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We look for you who have dreams, enthusiasm and ambition.
We welcome your dream, enthusiasm and ambition to GNSglobal. GNSglobal always opens up its doors to you.


  • We recruit new and experienced staff anytime around the year.

Recruitment procedure

  • STEP 1

    Receive application forms

    Please double check!
    Qualifications, involved job and duties

  • STEP 2

    Documentary exam

    Please express!
    Enthusiasm, personality, specialized knowledge, differentiating quality

  • STEP 3

    Please show! 

    Show us!
    Confidence, interest in the Company, attitude, job aptitude

  • STEP 4


    Health checkup, documents for admission


  • Each business part reviews applicants’ documents to see if they are in the necessary area for the corresponding division based on the present situation of demand.
  • Since job application form is utilized as a sheet for interview, it should be filled in with sincerity and accuracy.
  • Experienced applicants, in particular, should describe in detail their jobs in the previous company(s).


  • Basically, a total of 5 interviewers including President, heads of each bureau and personnel head form the interview panel. If necessary, vice-president of an involved division may join the panel.
  • Interview is to look at an interviewee’s personal character, specialized knowledge, etc. Excluding special case, interview is performed once

Health checkup

  • Anyone who passed the interview should receive a health checkup for employment at a hospital designated by the Company. In the event that the results seem to indicate difficulty in performing the job, passage and joining the company may be cancelled.


  • In the event that the details in job application turn out to be falsehood, passage and joining the company may be cancelled.
  • Please contact the personnel official at the Information Planning for more details.
Human resource management desk
Human resource management desk Tel : +82-43-236-9655 FAX : +82-43-236-9656
Human resource management desk
Human resource management desk
Tel : +82-43-236-9655
FAX : +82-43-236-9656