It feels the freshness of nature
  • Modern&Stylish

    Urban emotional design from controlled formal beauty

  • Anionic effects

    Through air vitamin effects, air purification and autonomic nerve adjustment

  • No vibration, no noise

    Air Cleaning Technology with Specialized Technology without Noise and Vibration

  • Various color mood lamps using film plate

    Using a film plate of various colors to create a mood lamp of various colors

  • Three stage brightness control mood lamp of electrostatic type

    Mood light with three stage brightness control function by simple touch

  • Filter exchange No, maintenance cost Down

    Low power products that do not require a separate filter exchange through simple cleaning and are available without charge burden.

AirClara's unique technology/function
  • Air purification

    Removal of carcinogens and harmful substances such as formaldehyde and styrene in the air

  • Deodorization

    The deodorizing effect of an environmentally friendly method that combines and dissipates contaminated fine dust surrounded by cations.

  • Antibacterial

    Sterilization and decomposition of various bacteria and fungi

  • Anionic wind

    Only pure anionic wind, not motor wind

  • Environment friendly

    Ozone is 0.016ppm (maximum), while international standard is 0.05ppm

  • Low power product

    Electricity bill less than KRW 100 even when used 24 hours a day, a month, every day

The features of sterilization/disinfection spray
  • 01. light for mood (3 levels of illumination)

    The mood light can be adjusted in three levels of brightness and can be used as a sleeping light and a feeding light for the baby.

  • 02. Adjust the brightness of the mood lamp

    button touch 1 to 3 times

  • 03. power

    Using touch-based power controls, you can use the product easily and safely.

  • 04. No vibration/noise

    Anion generated by accelerating the electric field is rotated through the tungsten spring, causing the wind to blow without a motor. (No noise at all during operation.)

  • 01. Air purification by 'Air Vitamin Effects'

    The anion(-) electronically integates the contaminated micro substance(finedust, odor, cigarette smell, etc.) floationg in the air with positive(+) electric charge to purify the air

  • 02. Peaceful mind

    The anion(-) stimulates the parasympathetic nervous to revitalize β ensorphin that amplifies peace in mind and euphoria

  • 03. Autonomic nerve control

    Many people ate suffering from insomnia, headaches, cold intolerance, menopausal disorser, shoulder pain, lumbago, chronic fatigue, stresses and so forth. These symptoms are sue to positive ions. The anion keeps the autonomic nerve balanced.

  • 04. Other physical constitution improvement

    Allergy(Atopy dermatitis and the like) constitution-improving effects, blood-purifying(colon, liver, immunity improvement), lung-im-proving, pain relieving and sell-revitalizing