Safety Guard Systems
Meta Bracket System

- Access unique connection system with CE certification.

- It is a compatible connection system for both welded and adjustable posting methods.

- It is a product that has passed the crash test in accordance with ISO 14120.


    A system compatible with all Access products and does not require the other components except Meta Bracket.

  • FAST

    Installation time can be reduced by up to 40% compared to the traditional bolt-on assembly method.


    Using the Meta Btacket system, it can be installed by the operator alone.


    This product is CE certified.

Section(mm) Height(mm)
40x40 1080 1620 2020 2320 -
40x40 - 1620 2020 2320 2520
Quick to Clip
  • FAST

    It is possible for quick assembly


    It is a system that can be disassembled/assembled by oneself.


    If the safety fence is disassembled for preservation purposes, the connecting bracket is fixed. (Therefore, there is no risk of missing parts).

Section(mm) Height(mm)
40x40-60x60 1050
40x40-60x60 1420
40x40-60x60 2020
40x40-60x60 2520
Crash Test
UNIEN ISO 14120 Crash test
Methods applied to Access products with ISO 14120 marking.

Generally, protective membranes perform two main functions. It prevents people from approaching dangerous areas in advance, and prevents machine parts or liquid from being released within the protected area.

In situations where it is necessary to prevent access from outside dangerous process or to control the escape of machinery, etc. within the threat area, load and impact tests should be carried out in accordance with the method described below for verifying the design of guards whether it is designed in accordance with the ISO 14120 standard.

Impact strength i.e. resistance ti impacts from outside the danger area (annex d2)

To test the impact of the fence, simulate a minimum weight of 90kg droplet accidentally crashing into the fence in a hazardous area.

The minimum speed of the sample weight should be set to 1.6m/sec, which implies that the energy of motion is at least E=115J. The test is carried out in the method of pendulum motion as shown in Figure 1.

The crash test is determined by the formula below.

The measurement is measured by the amount of falling objects on the fence just before impact, and is indicated by Joules. It is tested with objects of at least 90kg, such as Figure1.

Results are as follows. There is no damage to the bracket or to penetrate the sense of falling objects, and there is no total damage.

The Access Safety Fence uses a kit based on ISO 14120, and has passed a maximum of 2500 Joule crash test from inside and outside the fence.