Strong History of Continuous Innovation
Extendibility to Lower Flow Rates

- The first GFCs that were introduced were the GFC200, with a range of accuracy from 1 to 200 sccm, and the GFC2000 with range of accuracy from 10 to 2000 sccm.

- Samsung requested a lower flow GFC that would have a range of accuracy that extended to 0.1 sccm. The GFC20 was introduced to meet this need. Only the internal volume and the diameter of the valves were changed.

- Samsung then requested a GFC with a range of accuracy that extends to 0.025 sccm. We have introduced the GFC5, and once again, only the internal volume and the valve diameter needed to change.


Standard ISO 10816-3
Mechanical vibration-Evaluation of machine vibration by measurements on non-rotating parts-Part3: Industrial machines with nominal power above 15 kW and nominal speeds between 120 r/min and 15000 r/min when neasured insitu
  • Vibrationseverity

  • SystemArchitecture

    MCU Smart VBR

Extendibility to Lower Flow Rates
Transducer Technical Features
He(5N) 50BT/M 47L Mn-Steel, JISS 22R
L-N2, N2(5N) 3,000BT/M 47L Mn-Steel, JISS 22R
L-Ar, Ar(5N) 7,000BT/M 47L Mn-Steel, JISS 22R
CO2 (5N) 1,200BT/M 47L Mn-Steel, JISS 22R
H2 (5N) 3,600BT/M 47L Mn-Steel, JISS 22R
O2 (5N) 1,800BT/M 47L Mn-Steel, JISS 22R
Acquisition Board
  • Functionalities

    - Vibration Sensors sampling and acquisition;

    - Signal elaboration and vibration severitiy computation;

    - Datat ransmission and local representation of results throught multicolor LEDs.

Acquisition Board technical features
Supply voltage 24V dc
Microcontroller STM32F103ZET6
Communication Port/Protocol RS485/Modbus-RTU
Analog input(max) 10
Analog input sampling 20kHz 24/16bit(ADC ext/u C
Power consumption(considcing 10inputs) ≒1W
Storage temperature -40°C - +85°C
Operating temperature -40°C - +85°C
Climatic conditions Indoor
Box materal polymer
Box external size 108 X 42 X 150 mm
  • Functionalities

    - Data acquisition form n Acquisition Bords through MODBUS RTU on RS-485 port;

    - Parameters setting (10816-3 severity threshold) on Acquisition Boards;

    - Visualization on integrated WEB server interface;

    - Very user friendly graphica linterface;

    - Instantaneus data reading through web browser or additional TCP client for medium/long term monitoring, trend analysis, statistics, preventive and predictive maintenance, report, SCADA, etc...

MCU Smart VBR technical features
Supply voltage 15-24V dc
Microcontroller PIC18F97J60
Communication Port/Protocol Ethernet IEEE 802.3 10Base T RJ-45/Modbus-PTU
LCD Display Optional
WEB Server Integrated
Size 2DIN modules